Minnie Mouse Head Personalized Appliqued Embroidered Patch

Minnie Mouse Head Personalized Appliqued Embroidered Patch
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Small 3.88" x 3.75"
Medium 5.06" X 4.89"
Large 5.80" X 5.61"


Be your own fashion clothes or boutique designer!

Appliques let you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!
Embroidered patches are an easy, fast and fun way to spruce up or personalize clothes, bags, caps, backpacks, purses, jackets, onesies and much more.
Or they can be used to cover small holes, tears, and worn out places in an item. Save those favorite jeans!

This patch can be monogrammed with initials or name. 

*IRON ON BACKING AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST- see backing options below
You can also stitch them on by hand or with a sewing machine (highly recommended for items that will be washed on a regular basis.)
Another neat idea you can use fabric paint on the edges as another way to "seal" the edges. This is so cute and adds a 3D effect to the patch (kids love this!)

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